7 recommended ways to consume CBD-based products
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Published: March 12, 2021
Author: Bhok Thompson
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7 Recommended Ways To Consume CBD-based Products

CBD-based products are trending like crazy. You can find CBD-based products available for sale online or at any cannabis dispensary or pharmacy. It doesn’t matter if they have legalized recreational marijuana or not because CBD is not a cannabinoid that causes psychoactive effects in users. For this reason, CBD is perfectly legal to consume in all 50 states.

The trick is to figure out the best way to consume CBD-based products. There are at least seven recommended ways to consume them. Some of these ways you might like and others you might not like. Everyone has to choose a method that works best for them.

Below are the seven recommended ways for your consideration.

1) CBD Vaping

Vaping has become very popular in the last five years or so. Many people have replaced their normal cigarette smoking habit with vaping because it is less addictive and less harmful to the lungs.

What you might not realize is that CBD vaping is possible too. CBD vape juice is basically like a standard vaping formula, but the difference is that it has CBD extract mixed into it. You can also purchase CBD additives and just add those to your regular vaping juice. Whatever works best for you.

If you want a vaping formula with Full Spectrum CBD Oil Distillate, then you’ll need to purchase a CBD cartridge. Various CBD cartridges may come from different cannabis strains. For instance, the Magic Girl Scout Cookies Strain is an extra potent CBD vape cartridge. It provides relief to certain negative feelings like loss of appetite, pain, and nausea. The strain has an aroma that is said to be very earthy and sweet.

2) CBD Edibles

The easiest way to consume CBD is by eating it. There are many CBD edible products available in stores that sell CBD-based products. Some of the CBD-based foods you can eat are brownies, cookies, and gummies. The cannabis strain in which the CBD comes from may also vary between these CBD edible products.

3) CBD Topical Applications

CBD topical applications are used to relieve pain in a particular area of the body. For instance, if you have muscle cramps or joint stiffness somewhere on the body, then you would massage the CBD topical application onto the skin of that area. You should notice some local pain relief within a few minutes.

You can purchase CBD creams and CBD oils that are designed for topical use only. Some people have mixed results with these types of topical CBD products. It all depends on how fast your body absorbs the CBD through the skin after it is applied to it.

4) CBD Pills

Do you want to make CBD consumption simple? If so, then you’ll probably want to pop a CBD pill in your mouth and swallow it. You’ll have to wait until the CBD pill passes through your digestive tract and is absorbed by the liver. Once that happens, you should feel relief from any minor cases of insomnia, depression, or anxiety.

5) CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are what most people are familiar with. These are those little bottles of CBD oil that have a dropper connected to the lid. You use the dropper to suck up some of the oil, and then you drop the oil underneath the tongue in your mouth. It is the fastest way for the beneficial elements of the CBD to circulate throughout your body quickly.

6) CBD Isolates

CBD isolates are CBD extract from a hemp flower. They appear as a crystalline powder, which you can mix with coffee, tea, or any of your favorite drinks. Some people may even cook food with CBD isolates added to it. CBD isolates are technically edible, but you don’t eat them directly. You must mix them with something else to help your body absorb it more easily.

7) CBD Smokables

If you prefer the old-fashioned method of smoking to feel relaxed, then you can find CBD smokable products available at cannabis dispensaries. CBD smokables consist of CBD hemp flower, which doesn’t have the THC compound in them. You can simply light up the end of your CBD smokable product and smoke it like a cigarette. It is said that smoking the CBD compound allows you to feel its benefits much faster than any other method of consumption.



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