Does Sleeping Music Help you Sleep Better?
Categories: Sleeping Insomnia 
Published: January 03, 2023
Author: Francesca Braddock (Staff Writer)
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Does Sleeping Music Help You Sleep Better?

Music has a powerful and profound effect on the body and mind. Daily, our sleep cycles change and make a good night’s sleep harder to achieve. Stress, and anxiety can contribute to sleeping problems as well as insomnia.

Using relaxing music to unwind before going to bed each night is encouraged as a relaxation technique. You can even play this music while you are asleep to boost your sleep quality.

As someone who deals with anxiety and stress, my mind races constantly at night and I cannot relax. I have found that playing these soft beats, or even rain noises when I lay in bed to go to sleep, it helps me unwind and get out of my mind. I am a very light sleeper too, if my roommate comes home late or makes noise in the house I will instantly wake up.

Additionally, if I have something important to do in the morning, or something stressful going on the next day I will meditate to this music as well as sleep with it on.

Playing this music ensures a good nights rest for me, I even recommend it to my friends and family members who struggle with sleeping issues.

Below I have linked a few sleeping music videos that enjoy, but feel free to explore and find out what music styles work for you.



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