How CBD Helped my German Shepherd Overcome his Anxiety
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Published: October 18, 2022
Author: Francesca Braddock (Staff Writer)
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How CBD Helped My German Shepherd Overcome His Anxiety

Hello friends! I have been exploring some new things that I want to share, especially with those who have pets who live with pain and anxiety. After dealing with my own anxiety issues in the past year, CBD oil has helped me tremendously. Little did I know, after doing some research It can help our furry friends as well!

Nothing is worse as a dog mom to see your pet anxious and in pain. To tell you all some backstory, I have a German Shepherd named Dakota. I rescued him from an animal shelter in Sacramento. I was visiting the shelter for about a week looking for a younger German Shepherd to find their forever home. One day I visited, and the receptionist told me that someone had just returned a German Shepherd to the shelter a few hours prior to me coming in, and he was not even listed on the website yet. I was immediately excited and interested to meet him. The receptionist gave me a disclaimer that he was returned due to anxiety issues and the last home he was in had to return him because they did not have proper time to deal with the behavioral issues.

I met him and I absolutely fell in love. He was very timid but warmed up to me. I was gentle and kind to him and once I gave him pets and gained his trust he sat in my lap and gave me kisses. I took him home that day and our journey began together.

He had to return to the animal shelter a few weeks later to get neutered and he was very anxious and scared. He would not get in or out of the car, and thought he was going back to the shelter for good.

Unfortunately, he had major complications with his surgery and was in and out of the vet hospital for about two months. This was absolutely traumatizing for Dakota, as well as me being a new dog mom. Finally, all the complications subsided, and he was able to come home and live a normal life.

I decided to set him up with a primary care vet, so I can take him there whenever he has an issue in the future. He was so scared to do so, that I had to put a muzzle on him for the vets and staff safety. I discussed with the vet my options for his anxiety and behavior, and she recommended sedation meds or CBD and melatonin. I did not want to immediately turn to sedation; one because of the cost, and two I believe he is traumatized from past sedations from his surgeries. I decided to go the natural way and purchase medical grade CBD oil.

This worked wonders for Dakota and I would give him about 15mg of CBD oil orally (2mg of CBD per 10 pounds of dog weight) and it would relax him enough to go to the vet. I even give him CBD when we are in other environments where he could be anxious such as the groomers when he gets a bath or his nails trimmed.

I am so grateful that Dakota came into my life, and I am grateful that the previous owners returned him. I can give him the love and special attention that he needs. I recommend CBD oil to all my friends who have anxious dogs, but always tell them to check with their primary care vet if it is right for their furry friend. Education is key with CBD and other natural products.

Here are some links to CBD oil online, but I recommend visiting your local dispensary for 100% medical grade CBD oil. Please do your research!



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