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Ask a Stoner: Should Delta-8 Users Check Out the Stronger THC-O?
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Published: December 22, 2021
Author: Herbert Fuego
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Ask A Stoner: Should Delta-8 Users Check Out The Stronger THC-O?

Dear Stoner: Why donít people in states without legal weed just skip this Delta-8 baby ball and go straight to THC-O? Itís all made in a gray-market lab, anyway. Why play baby ball when you can play in the pros, am I right?

Dear Magellan:
Not everyone wants to explore the unseen and chug like a sailor. Some of us just want to sip and enjoy ourselves. Sure, there are a few similarities between THC-O acetate and Delta-8 THC, but we shouldnít be so cavalier. Delta-8 is also new and has its own shady side, but itís still easier to wrap our heads around than THC-O.

I first came across THC-O in 2019, and the amount of knowledge surrounding the synthetic cannabinoid has hardly increased. We know itís stronger than traditional THC (Delta-8 included) and unregulated, but there isnít much information on THC-Oís health effects, despite a growing market presence online. THC-O isnít produced naturally by cannabis and has to be produced in a lab, which is a dangerous process, according to the companies that make it. And although CBD can be converted into both THC-O and Delta-8, most users report THC-O taking up to thirty minutes to fully kick in, while Delta-8ís effects start and end relatively quickly. Iíd stay away from either and stick with good olí-fashioned weed. At least we know what to expect there.



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