Is CBD Safe And Effective For Sleep?
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Published: October 11, 2022
Author: Ismall Faruk
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Is CBD Safe And Effective For Sleep?

Perhaps you are looking into CBD for sleep and are unsure if you should try it. CBD is available in various forms, and people are using it for different reasons. Preliminary studies suggest CBD has wellness properties, but extensive research with human participants is necessary. Is CBD safe and effective for sleep? Below is a guide on the subject with various things you should know before trying CBD for sleep.

Safety and Effectiveness of CBD for Sleep

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is safer organic compound with no risk of dependency or abuse. It does not make users high, and most users tolerate it without having any wellness problems. However, it is vital that you purchase high-quality CBD products. We will discuss factors to consider later in the article to ensure you buy safe, quality CBD for sleep.

Is CBD effective for sleep? CBD may improve sleep quality, according to a 2019 research on CBD. CBD may enhance the performance of the endocannabinoid system, which regulates functions such as SUD, appetite, pain, mood, and sleep. CBD may help deal with the imbalance in your sleep cycle, helping you rest better for the night. Moreover, CBD Users claim CBD has helped them sleep better.

What Research Says

Preliminary studies on CBD are promising, with findings suggesting CBD has several wellness properties. A 2019 study involving 72 adults with anxiety and sleep issues established that 25-75mg of CBD improved sleep in 66.7 % of participants. This is among the few studies that have been on CBD for sleep, but more research is vital. Anxiety is one of the conditions that make it difficult to rest, and if CBD may alleviate it, one may find it easier to sleep.

Researchers have also found out that CBD may improve pain. The cannabinoid has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties that may alleviate discomfort. Pain disrupts sleep, affecting the quality of rest a person gets.

With less pain and inflammation, CBD may help users fall asleep and stay asleep for longer. That being said, CBD users say CBD helps them sleep better. Nonetheless, only more research will establish the efficacy of CBD for sleep.

How CBD Might Help with Sleep

CBD might improve sleep quality by working with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The system regulates bodily functions, including mood, pain, immunity responses, and sleep, to ensure balance. The human body produces cannabinoids that enable it to manage imbalance to ensure wellness.

CBD stimulates the system to make more of its own cannabinoids to relieve discomforts such as difficulty sleeping. It may also slow down the breakdown of the cannabinoids to ensure they stay in your body longer to manage imbalances.

As mentioned earlier, studies suggest CBD may have pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and anxiety-reducing properties. These benefits could help you rest better through the night, fostering overall wellness. Getting enough quality sleep ensures your body functions as it should.

How to Use CBD for Sleep?

Before talking about how to use CBD for sleep, there are three types of CBD full-spectrum, isolate, and broad-spectrum. Isolate CBD contains only CBD and no other hemp component. On full-spectrum vs broad-spectrum, the former has trace amounts of THC while the latter does not. However, both types of CBD contain CBD, terpenes, and minor cannabinoids, components that work together to provide the entourage effect.

When it comes to using CBD products for better sleep at night, taking CBD oil is the most effective and popular choice amongst many other methods. The oil provides relief within 15-30 minutes. Administer a few drops of CBD oil under your tongue and wait 30 seconds or longer before swallowing the rest. CBD oil moves into your bloodstream through the thin blood vessels in your mouth. The oil usually comes in many formulations. CBD oil for sleep is one such formula that often utilizes melatonin for providing better quality of sleep.

You can also use CBD gummies for sleep. They are available in delicious flavors that make it enjoyable to consume CBD. Brands also provide CBD capsules for sleep if that is what you are looking for. CBD gummies and capsules have pre-measured amounts of CBD, so you do not have to measure CBD servings. However, their effects take more time & often requires higher dosages to kick in compared to CBD oil as capsules and gummies have lower bioavailability.

CBD Dosage for Sleep

How much CBD for sleep is enough? There is no common CBD dose for all. This is another thing researcher need to work on. Experts recommend that you begin with a low CBD dose, such as 10mg per serving, and monitor how your system responds. Utilize the same CBD amount for a week and if there is no change, adjust it gradually to find a dosage that helps your body. CBD oil comes in bottles with droppers for easy, more accurate measuring of servings. CBD capsules and gummies contain specific amounts of CBD. That aside, the human body can tolerate as much as 1500mg of CBD per dose. However, this is a very high dosage, and there is no need of using high CBD doses when lower quantities can help. Besides, CBD is costly, and using unnecessary high doses is a waste of money.

When to Take CBD for Sleep

When to take CBD for sleep depends on the product you use. You can take CBD oil a few minutes before bed since the effects kick in within 15-30 minutes. Knowing when to take CBD oil for sleep, what about CBD gummies and capsules? You should ingest a gummy or capsule an hour before going to bed.

The effects of CBD gummies and capsules take longer to be felt since the products go through your gut. Brands offer CBD capsules and gummies with different potencies ranging from 5-30mg per piece. Start with a low dose and increase it gradually if need be.

How to Get the Best CBD for Sleep

The CBD market is not regulated and buying a low-quality product is possible. You need to buy the best CBD for sleep to protect your health from the effects of inferior ingredients.

Premium CBD is made from organic hemp since it is free of chemicals like pesticides and herbicides. Premium brands also use CO2 to derive CBD from hemp. The process is solvent-free, allowing manufacturers to make clean CBD products with no harmful elements.

The best CBD formulations go through third-party testing too. Lab experts examine them for their cannabinoid profile and check for impurities such as pesticides, heavy metals, and solvents. The lab reports should be easy to access for customers to know what they are consuming. Companies use batch numbers and QR codes that allow you to view the test results before using their CBD products. The best CBD manufacturers also utilize simple, organic ingredients to protect your health. They have an informative website that lists ingredients they use in their CBD formulations.

Closing Thoughts

High-quality CBD is a lot safer and does not pose any severe health risks. It is made from quality ingredients using the best manufacturing processes to protect your well-being. CBD may improve sleep quality, but more research is needed into CBD and sleep. Preliminary studies are limited and do not provide adequate proof that CBD can help users rest better. Nevertheless, CBD is worth trying if you are having trouble sleeping. Keep in mind the factors we discussed earlier when buying CBD products to ensure you purchase the best CBD on the market.



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